What’s going on with Avaya’s roadmap to recovery

What going on with Avaya's roadmap to recovery

Avaya’s bankruptcy, loss and recovery this 2017


Avaya, a known and well respected Telephony vendor had recently made news this 2017 that seams to suggest a business instability. Avaya Inc. filed for a chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection for its $6.3 billion debt. This was announce by Avaya on on there site dated on 19th of January 2017. Not long after that Avaya made another news by selling its Networking business to the Extreme Networks for $100 million.

Avaya’s previews acquisition

 Prior to the recent loss of Avaya, they actually projected a very positive activities in the past by acquiring big time businesses.

 Back in 2009 Nortel enterprise, a popular telecommunication company and once competes against vendors such as Avaya them self, filed a bankruptcy protection. Eventually Avaya acquired Nortel for $900 million. 

Another major acquisition made by Avaya was Radvision in 2012. Radvision was once one of the major provider of video conferencing technologies competing against brands like Polycom and Tandberg(Cisco now acquired Tandberg). Radvision Video conference product-lines added video conferencing solution for Avaya’s Unified Communication called as Avaya Scopia.


Extreme network, acquisition of Avaya’s Network business

Avaya, even today is a major provider of Telecommunication products and voice solution. They are known for PBX products like the Avaya Aura and Avaya IP office system that provide solution ranging from small business to huge contact centers deployments world wide. Though not much of there strength they also enter the networking field where you would find Avaya network L2 and L3 switches and wireless access points as well.

Extreme on the other hand is a company with strong networking background back by matured enterprise grade Ethernet models most comes from there previews acquisition of Enterasys networks. Avaya’s newer switching model however may boost and update the older extreme model series that they inherited.  


Competition capitalizing over Avaya’s customers

Competing brands like Cisco and Mitel are now taking advantage of Avaya’s Bankruptcy status. Both Cisco and Mitel target same or similar markets with there own telephony system. Cisco have UC (Unified Communication) system revolving around the Cisco CUCM / Business Edition series that can host contact center VM while Mitel have a system called MiContact Center for Office, Business and enterprise grade solution. Both of this well establish companies are moving to migrate existing Avaya customers or to divert potential buyers to there own business ecosystem.


Avaya, moving forward for 2017


The key to survive in a ever changing environment is to always be adaptable to changes. More and more of what use to be an on-premise services now are widely migrated into the cloud such as database, security and network management systems, Telephony system is no different. Part of the Avaya’s road map this year is the introduction of Avaya’s Cloud base contact center or CCaas (Contact Center as Service). This move will open Avaya to newer market where other players have not yet fully develop.

Avaya also introduce a unified collaboration tool for mobility users called as Avaya Equinox. The Equinox is allows web RTC(broweser) and mobility App to collaborate. The power however is in equinox’x software development kit (Breeze™ Client SDK) where in customers have the flexibility customize there existing environment to seamless extend the functionality of Avaya equinox.

In the recent developments it looks like Avaya is shifting its product to be more software oriented than before. If successful this can help Avaya regain there losses from previews years and be back among the top Unified Communication provider in this industry.


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