Performing a Quick Polycom IP Phone Simply setup

Polycom Phone configuration
  • Lets start with a quick Polycom IP Phone Overview.
  • Then lets discuss what are the Polycom IP Phone registration requirement.
  • After all that lets do the Polycom IP Phone Simply Setup.

How to configure quickly a single Polycom IP Phone

Polycom IP Phone Overview

Polycom Soundpoint and Soundstation Phone Handset series are among the phones that remains in the market after so many years even with the introduction of newer series of IP Phones from both within Polycom and competing brands. Unlike other IP Phones brands, the Polycom Sound station and/or sound point are not intended to be registered with same brand of PBX. Well, actually Polycom do not have its own PBX unlike its competitors such as Cisco Telephony system (CUCM / CME) and Avaya Aura/IP Office among others.

Polycom play in the Voice market as an open platform that can inter operate with any PBX system that runs on standard SIP VOIP such as Asterisk. Most known Polycom Handsets are the Polycom IP 500, Polycom IP 6000 and Polycom Sound station IP series conference Phones. While the Polycom Soundstation 2 are analog phones hence they are not applicable on this setup.


Polycom IP Phone registration requirement

Before starting with the Polycom IP Telephony setup and registration, few things needs to be setup. First is to make sure that the PBX intended to be registered too runs on standard SIP. To validate you may need to check with your system administrator or your PBX vendor.

PBX its self must be setup already with a running SIP address for the IP Phones to find the PBX in the network. Also the PBX must have assigned a user credential, the username and password (as needed) and the local extension.

On the network Side there must be a DHCP server or if not static IP address needs to be assign manually on the Phone

On the IP Phone its self you may power the unit by ether a power adaptor, Phone PoE injector, or Network PoE switch. With ever is available.

Once the SoundPoint IP Phone is powered on and connected to the network and done with its power on self-test. It will display navigation menu on its LCD. Though you may configure the phone all the way using the LCD, I preferred to configure it by accessing it on its GUI via browser. But so we know the IP addresses to use to access the phone, we will navigate through the LCD to search. Go to Menu – status – Platform – Phone, here the IP address is identified. If is ask for password the Polycom phone default password is “456”.


How to: Polycom Simply Setup


Graphical interface of Polycom IP Phone under the Simple setup tab


Open a browser and type the IP address of the IP Phone. Go to Simply Setup menu, under it find and expand the SIP server and enter the PBX SIP server address example The port 5060 remains as is since this is a standard SIP Port. Next under the SIP Line Identification, expand it and enter the Display Name which would be the text to display on the Phone LCD, I prefer to use the same as its assign extension line number which in this example is 2503. On the address box enter in this format – <extension Number>@<Sip address example> example [email protected].

Lastly enter the users Authentication user ID and Password assigned. Other configuration can be setup optionally as needed. After all those configured you may restart Phone and it should display the extension number on the Phone’s LCD. You may also check on the Phones info to verify that the Phone had successfully registered.  Assuming the PBX call routing system is setup, our Polycom Soundpoint should be able to call and receive calls at this point.


You may find Polycom official Administrator’s Guide for thePolycom® SoundPoint®IP/SoundStation® IP/ VVX™Family, where you will find other features and configuration for the Polycom phone series

There may be other ways on doing it faster especially if you have to deploy hundreds of phones altogether, but for just a single or few phones to test or for product demonstration this should not take much of your time.



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