No more pure wireless vendor as big Network brands competes

  • Ruckus wireless got acquired by Brocade.
  • Meru got acquired by Fortinet.
  • Aruba wireless got acquired by HP Enterprise.
  • Aerohive Reselling agreement with Dell.
  • Recalling past Acquisition of wireless brands.

Wireless brands getting acquisition by Network Brands

Wireless companies one by one are shifting from being pure wireless vendors to being a more complete network solution. Many wireless vendor now got acquired by another tech companies that lacks the wireless product on its portfolio. From the group of major wireless competing player looks like none were left as a wireless-only focus vendor.

From the past few months I have been invited by principal vendors and partners as they introduce their new set of product portfolio. As I have observed, it becoming a common trend in the wireless network industry to fuse there brands with another know technology brands that complements them. Now, wireless access points solutions can come with their own brand of switches or firewalls where in the past was not part of their business, making the package a more complete system. This introduce a new competing field between vendors as well.

In Recent months it was the move made by the Ruckus, Meru, Aruba and Aerohive that Interest me. Making having their partnership with Brocade, Fortinet, HP enterprise and Dell respectively, according to the date of announce partnership coming from the very recent.


Ruckus wireless got acquired by Brocade

Ruckus wireless, creator of many of the best technology patents such as their Beamflex+ design and algorithm for the antenna Allowing more range and better orientation adjustment for the wireless device.

May 27, 2016 Brocade completes there acquisition of Ruckus wireless providing a addition to their existing campus network and datacenter storage products. With Brocade and ruckus together, I expect that they can reach more on SMB companies with the ruckus standalone AP and controller-less Unleash AP technical characteristics and cost.


Meru got acquired by Fortinet

Meru Is known among the wireless industry as the strong practitioner of Single-Channel-Architecture. Meru wireless technology address the overlapping channel concern with a highly dense wireless environment resulting to a “zero-handoff” since there is normally only one SSID in a single floor wireless design.

On July 08, 2015, Fortinet completes the acquisition of Meru wireless. Fortinet is a company that focus its product on network security. Fortinet already have their home grown Access Point, the Forti-AP that they sell with the Fortigate NextGen firewall as the controller.  A Fortinet Engineer have share that a future plan of having a “Universal AP” may be release to better integration of Meru into the Fornet system.


Aruba wireless got acquired by HP Enterprise

Aruba is one of the consistent Gartner leader among the wireless vendors having a complete wireless portfolio for BYOD and NAC with Aruba Clearpass. Coming from a Dell OEM agreement, they now enters a new agreement with HPe.

On May 19, 2015, HP completes the acquisition under the HP enterprise. HP enterprise group sells enterprise network and datacenter products. Acqusition will give HPe a big boost having a know wireless Brand. And likewise Aruba to gain a known networking switch bundle. Aruba have Instant AP(Builtin controller), Remote AP(VPN access point) and the traditional thin AP and Wireless controller.


Aerohive Reselling agreement with Dell

Aerohive is one of the old timer wireless innovators in the wireless industry that in the past competes with Meraki(now Cisco Meraki) for the cloud base controller. Aerohive is also know for controller wireless architecture similar with Aruba’s IAP

April 27, 2015 Dell announce the agreement to resell the Aerohive products that consist of its controller-less architecture and cloud services among other of its offerings. Dell, prior to Aerohive partnership previously have OEM contract with Aruba wireless for a few years making Arohive the direct replacement of their wireless solution. Dell in addition to networking product are better known for Dell servers and storage segment in the data center industry .


Recall past Acquisition of wireless brands

Though this recent months were truly interesting with the series of acquisition. In the Past there were know acquisition that take place. Few that I would like to recall was the Linksys wireless brand, a very known home and small office wireless brand was initially acquired by Cisco back in March 20, 2003 to target small business opportunities. Cisco later resell Linksys to now current Linksys owner Belkins on March 15, 2013. Cisco on December 20, 2012 also acquired Meraki network and still owns it up to now, Meraki as earlier mention is a directly competes with Aerohive in the cloud network subscription.


As Today’s technology vendors competition favor a more complete solution rather done just a simple box pushing. This allows brands to upsell there technology around their portfolio for a more fully integrated network system. This suggesting an easier flexible support services for the benefit of the end user and of course to the wining technology vendor.

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